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Summit Splitboard skins

Summit Skins are a full nylon custom design manufactured in the USA. They are lightweight and feature solid grip with improved glide. The longer-lasting glue is laid down in multiple stripes to be sticky on your board, but not too sticky to pull apart. Made for real backcountry touring, not just pristine skin tracks. They are built to be durable and to keep gripping and gliding their way through anything the skin track brings - deep pow, steep ice, spring slush, extreme cold, dirt, rocks, and roots.

 Summit Skins feature our versatile tip and tail clips. These clips work with the ever-changing variety of board shapes on the market. Dual angled hooks accommodate pointy to blunt profiles and everything in between. Extended slots in the tailclip offer boundless adjustability for the perfect combination of position, angle, and tail stretcher tension with your board.

Weight: 328g ea  - 657g pr  - Medium

Refer to size chart for sizing.

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