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The PIEPS PRO BT is the most advanced beacon, with a feature set built for the pro user.


Review of all relevant hardware and software elements as well as showing the current software version.

in all lighting conditions

at initial signal detection. This lets rescuers focus on the visual surface search during the signal search.

due to exact signal processing without any performance losses

The influence of external interferences is eliminated or reduced to a minimum: Protection in send mode with Auto-Antenna-Switch: If the transmitting antenna is impacted by external interference, the other antenna would take over the transmit function.
Protection in search mode with Signal Verification: Only a verified 457kHz signal is indicated.

The PIEPS PRO BT can be temporarily deactivated using the smart iPROBE. The receiving beacon automatically receives the next strongest signal.

The PIEPS PRO BT is in send mode but the send signal is temporarily suppressed. So rescuers aren't disturbed during the search.

​This function automatically switches the PIEPS PRO BT from search mode to send mode, if the beacon is not moving for a certain time (in case of burial).

Reviews the activity and transmission parameters of the partner device. PIEPS recommends to perform a group check before each tour.

The SCAN-function will give you an overview of all buried devices within the detectable range.

The PIEPS PRO BT scans the entire receiving range. The closest 3 victims are indicated.

The analog mode can be used for specific search strategies as well as for demo reasons.

​The PIEPS TX600 is a mini-transmitter for dogs and equipment that is transmitting out of the standard EN300718 and can be received with every PIEPS PRO BT.

With the integrated three dimensional inclinometer the the punctual angle of the slope can be measured.

High wearing comfort at low weight
Neoprene pouch with soft shoulder strap
Quick-Pull-System for fast access to the device

The switching from one position to another (OFF-SEND-SEARCH) is only possible with a secure 2-hand-activity. The two operating elements lock button (1) and slider (2) have to be forced at the same time and in different directions - only then a switching of the positions is possible.


Maximum range (m): 60
Search strip width (m): 60
Dimensions (mm, LxWxH): 118 x 76 x 29
Weight (g, incl. batteries): 230
Power supply: 3 batteries (AAA)
Battery lifetime (min. h) : 600
Receiving frequency (kHz): 457
Transmission frequency (kHz, according to EN300718): 457
Temperature range: -20°C to +45°C
Latest firmware: v2
Bluetooth: yes
Update possibility to latest firmware: yes

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