SKS Injex T-Zoom

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Bicycle pump with integrated telescopic function

And it made Zoom! The SKS INJEX T-ZOOM aluminum compact pump with universal MULTI VALVE valve connection impresses with its integrated telescopic function. The pump is equipped with an ergonomic 2-component folding T-handle and is easy to hold.

With folding T-handle and switchable high-pressure stage

Other features include the switchable high-pressure stage up to 10 bar and the clamping lever for a secure valve connection. Thanks to the 2-point pump holder, the bicycle pump can be attached under or instead of a bottle holder.


  • Ergonomic 2-component folding T-handle
  • Telescopic function
  • MULTI VALVE valve connection
  • Valve clamping lever
  • Switchable high-pressure stage
  • Including pump holder
  • Made in Germany
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