Dragon D1 Asian Fit Goggles


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Color :
30years - LumaLens J.Red Ion
Bushido - LumaLens J.Gold Ion
Kengo Kimura - LumaLens J.Red Ion
Premium Black - LumaLens J.Silver Ion
Rasta - LumaLens J.Gold Ion

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The Deewan goggles, beloved by BEGINNERS and EXPERTS alike, feature a large-sized FLAT STANDARD frame that combines traditional goggle design with modern technology. Known for its WIDE FIELD OF VISION, STABILITY, and TIMELESS DESIGN, this model is a popular choice. With a slightly taller silhouette compared to the DX3, it offers a comfortable fit for both MEN and WOMEN. These goggles are also PRESCRIPTION GLASSES-FRIENDLY.

BUSHIDO Inspired by the world of Bushido, these goggles feature artwork that reflects the spirit of the SAMURAI. The frame color incorporates subtle BLACK FLECKS for added style.

Frame Type


Lens Type


Visible Light Transmission


LUMALENS Technology

JAPAN LUMALENS is a lens technology that provides VIVID CLARITY even in ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS. It enhances CONTRAST for distinguishing TERRAIN FEATURES while maintaining a NATURAL COLOR PALETTE that's comfortable for Japanese eyes. Additionally, the HIGH VISIBLE LIGHT TRANSMISSION (the percentage of light that passes through the lens) adapts to common dark conditions found in Japanese snowy mountains, such as OVERCAST SKIES and SNOW. These lenses are an excellent choice for those seeking VERSATILITY across various weather conditions.


  • An INNER FRAME DESIGN that reduces pressure on eyeglass temples, allowing comfortable goggle use while wearing GLASSES.
  • NASA-adopted SUPER ANTI-FOG 2.0, offering twice the DURABILITY and PERFORMANCE compared to traditional anti-fog technologies.
  • Sponge foam meticulously designed and improved to fit Japanese facial features, including the NOSE, TEMPLES, and even the width of the EYE CORNERS.
  • Easy-to-remove BUCKLE STRAP, ensuring a secure fit without shifting with HATS or EQUIPMENT and enabling quick removal.
  • Frame design that considers compatibility with HELMETS
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