Dragon NFX Asian Fit Goggles


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Color :
Blizzard - Red Ion Lumalens Japan
Classic Black - Gold Ion Lumalens Japan
Split Grey - Gold Ion Lumalens Japan
White - Green Ion Lumalens Japan

Note: Our inventory is also available in-store. In rare cases this can result in the product being unavailable even after payment has been confirmed. If this occurs, we will provide a full refund as soon as possible

This product can only be shipped within Japan


With a distinctive frameless design and cylindrical lens, the revolutionary styling of our NFX goggles took the market by storm. By mixing a classic flat-lens look with cutting-edge aesthetics and flawless function, the NFX offers effortless easy lens interchangeability and our full arsenal of Lumalens® Technology. It achieves the balance of progressive aesthetics and proven performance, in a larger package.


  • Patented frameless technology
  • SUPER ANTI FOGSuper strong anti-fog processing Super Anti-Fog 2.0
  • Protects your eyes from 100% UV rays
  • Hypoallergenic fleece and 3-layer face foam
  • Helmet compatible
  • JAPAN LUMA LENSJapan lens tailored to Japanese
  • BUCKLEBuckle strap
  • JAPAN FITJapan fit to fit the Japanese skeleton
  • Comes with a bonus sticker
  • Frameless design


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