Dragon NFX2 Asian Fit Goggles


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Color :
Blake Paul Sigunature - LumaLens Dark Smoke + LumaLens Violet
C.Benchetler Signature - LumaLens Blue Ion + LumaLens Violet
Kimmy Fasani Signature - LumaLens Rose Gold Ion + LumaLens Light Rose

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Introducing a medium-sized frameless model with Swiftlock Technology for quick lens interchangeability. This model comes with a bonus lens, allowing you to adapt your performance to different conditions.


Medium Fit




Flat Lens




  • LUMALENS Technology
  • Swiftlock Technology: Unlock by lifting the small levers on both sides of the goggle frame. To lock, gently press the lens onto the frame and lower both levers. This feature enables easy lens removal for fog prevention during gondola rides or hikes and facilitates quick lens removal for cleaning and aftercare in indoor environments like lodges and vehicles, maximizing goggle performance.
  • Armored Venting: Durable ventilation with breathable protective covers on the sponge portion. Not only does it protect against tears and punctures, but it also makes snow removal easier and prevents moisture infiltration.
  • Patented Frameless Technology
  • NASA-adopted Super Anti-Fog 2.0 for powerful fog prevention
  • Sponge foam meticulously designed and improved to fit Japanese facial features, from nose to temple and the corners of your eyes
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Frame design that takes helmet wearers into consideration
  • 100% UV Protection
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