Dragon PXV2 Asian Fit Goggles

¥46,200 ¥36,960

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Color :
Danny Davis - LL Red Ionized / LL Amber
Gigi Ruf - LL Silver Ionized / LL Amber

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A high-grade model equipped with Swift Lock technology, the PXV model is the same in total size compared to the PXV, and the fitting is about 90% smaller due to the construction of the lens system.

Note: PXV2 is a model without buckle-type strap.

  • Swift Lock Technology
  • PANOTECH™️LENS Technology
  • Patented Flameless Technology
  • Super Anti-Fog 2.0, a super strong anti-fog technology used by NASA
  • 100% eye protection from UV rays
  • Hypoallergenic fleece and 3-layer face foam
  • Helmet compatible
  • Asian fit

Swift Lock technology
- Amazingly easy lens removal system. Lenses are unlocked by lifting the small levers on both sides of the goggle frames. When putting on the lens, lightly place the lens against the frame and lower both levers to complete the locking process. When the lenses fog up or when hiking uphill in high temperatures, the lenses can be quickly removed for easy after-ski care.

Panoramic view with a 200-degree field of view
- The frame is extended to the sides of the face to ensure a field of vision beyond the range of human vision. The completely new Panotech Lens® with a fine three-dimensional shape is a hybrid of a spherical lens and a flat lens, correcting the refraction of light by the lens at a high level and providing a highly pure and clear field of vision. The highly popular Japan Luma Lens® is standard equipment.

Armored Vent
- The ventilation covers make it easier to remove accumulated snow and protect the spongy parts.

Asian Fit
- Sponge foam has been researched and improved to fit Japanese people, whose bone structure differs from that of Europeans and Americans, down to the nose, temples, and even the width of the outer corner of the eyes.

Super Anti-Fog 2.0
- DRAGON's original super hydrophilic anti-fog treatment, Super Anti-Fog, has been enhanced to achieve twice the performance.

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