Dragon R1 Asian Fit Goggles

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Color :
Classic Ash - LL J. Silver Ionized
Premium Black - LL J. Gold Ionized
Premium Black - LL J. Red Ionized
Premium White - LL J. Green Ionized

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A frameless model with a true medium fit, recommended for both men and women, has been created. This new goggle design offers a very good balance between the size of the fitting and the size of the field of vision. New armored vent and OTG specifications are adopted.


  • Super Anti-Fog 2.0, ultra-strong anti-fog technology used by NASA
  • 100% protection from UV rays
  • Hypoallergenic fleece and 3-layer face foam
  • Helmet compatible
  • Japan lenses designed for Japanese people
  • Buckle strap
  • Asian fit
  • OTG (Over The Glasses) design

Hydro Armored Vents
- A new shape of armored vent was created by adding a breathable cover to the ventilation system, which makes it easier to remove accumulated snow and prevents damage to the sponge part. The structure of the ventilation system is a new technology that allows moisture to flow from the top to the bottom, just like rain flowing downstream in the mountains.

- Eye color differs by race, with Japanese people having black eyes and Westerners having blue eyes. Accordingly, the optimum brightness also differs depending on eye color and race. JAPAN LUMALENS®︎ is the lens with the optimum brightness and color for Japanese people.

Super Anti-Fog 2.0
- DRAGON's original super hydrophilic anti-fog processing, Super Anti-Fog, has been powered up to achieve twice the performance of its predecessor.

OTG (Over The Glasses) design
- A portion of the inner frame has been cut away to reduce pressure on the temples of eyeglasses, allowing the wearer to wear goggles while wearing eyeglasses. Also, those who do not wear glasses can use the goggles with a normal fitting.

Asian Fit
- Sponge foam that has been researched and improved to fit Japanese people, whose skeletal structure differs from that of Westerners, down to the nose, temples, and even the width of the outer corner of the eyes.


Medium fit / 190mm x 93mm

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