Flux SR Snowboard Bindings 2023


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Dark Wood
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A stylish turn for you.

With a base plate that you can step on firmly and a flexible high back, you can do whatever you want from powder to carvin'



- The constriction in the center creates a flex in the upper part, eliminating the burden on the boots and ankles.

Super Tough Nylon Soft
- A soft flex material with a high degree of freedom that allows you to slide more stylishly.

Micro Adjuster
- When moved forward by 1 memory, it tilts forward by about 2.5 degrees.Finer high back setting is possible.


- Lightweight and direct response that reliably conveys power to the impact point.

Performance Blend
- Medium flex that can be used most all-round. Compatible with all riding scenes.

Toolless Lever
- The best setting is possible without tools. With a stopper to prevent loosening of screws.

Adjustable Toe and Heel Cushion
- Movable cushion that can be adjusted according to the boot size and board width.

- Uses a material that does not easily get snow even in harsh environments.It also has the cushioning properties necessary for riding while enjoying a direct feeling of the soles of the feet.


Waffle Strap
- A two-layer structure consisting of a waffle cushion that is comfortable to hold and easy to move so that you will forget that you are wearing it, and a Power Strap that directly transmits power.

Beer Buckle
- A newly designed ratchet buckle that securely tightens until the final tightening.With a bottle opener function that does not bother you when toasting.

- In order to increase the power transmission, the center line has strength, and the upper and lower ends have increased flexibility to improve the fit with the boots.

- The belt can be stored smoothly.

UU Fit
- The strap system that wraps from 360 ° realizes a natural hold feeling and uniform pressure.

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