Kids Ride Shotgun Shred Til Bed: The MTB Activity Pack


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Our Shred Til Bed MTB Activity Pack is the ultimate indoor experience for your mountain bike kid, and is designed for children 3 years and older.

Slopestyle sticker comps, trail mazes + a range of MTB-themed activities will keep your kid busy when they can’t get out and shred the singletrack.


This Shred Til Bed activity pack features over 60 pages of MTB stoke, across 3 soft-cover books:

  • Activity Book (20+ MTB themed activities)
  • Sticker Book (100+ epic stickers)
  • Coloring Book (26 rad MTB animals)
  • Each book is a work of art, and has been drawn by the talented Mike Hearsey – the illustrator from our Shred Til Bed ABC book.

“This activity pack is a rad way to spread the stoke of biking in a fun and creative way” – The Bike Dads

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