Smith Squad Mag Asian Fit Goggles


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Color :
Black - CP PC Rose Flash / Clear
Blackout - CP Sun Black / CP Storm Rose Flash
French Navy Polar - CP Everyday Rose Gold Mirror / CP Storm Rose Flash
TNF Gardenia White X Smith - CP Sun Platinum Mirror / CP Storm Rose Flash

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Squad MAG equipped with a MAG lens change stem on Squad, which can be said to be SMITH's icon model.

The locking system equipped with the MAG lens change system is placed on the outrigger that is integrated with the frame to securely fix the lens. Since the lens can be easily removed by simply pressing the left and right locks, the lens can be replaced instantly according Play with the snowy mountains with the strongest model equipped with 5X ™ anti-fog technology, the first flat lens. Two chroma pop lenses are standard equipment (excluding dimming models).


  • Two chroma pop lenses, one for fine weather and one for cloudy weather, are standard equipment (the dimming model comes with two chroma pop dimming and clear lenses)
  • Uses a thermal fodge gasket
  • Endura lock glue for the outer and inner lenses Crimping
  • TLT lens technology (clear view without distortion)
  • Carbonic X lens adopted from mold-molded polycarbonate material
  • 5X anti-fog inner lens (water vapor is trapped inside the inner lens to suppress the cause of fogging. (5 times more anti-fog function than regular SMITH fog X / inner lens)
  • MAG ™ lens change system (CHANGE IS EASY)
  • 3 layer DriWix face foam
  • Best integration with helmet


Fit: Asian Fit
Frame: Large
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