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Color :
Apple Tortoise - Platinum
Apple Tortoise - Red Mirror
Metalic Blue - Platinum
Metalic Blue - Polar Gray/Ignitor
The Camo - PC Clear
The Camo - Polar Gray/Ignitor

Note: Our inventory is also available in-store. In rare cases this can result in the product being unavailable even after payment has been confirmed. If this occurs, we will provide a full refund as soon as possible

This product can only be shipped within Japan


Fishing is the ultimate hobby that anyone can easily do. While camping, while enjoying hot springs, while enjoying hot springs, while enjoying hot springs, while enjoying hot springs. Combined with OUTDOOR activities such as MTB and barbecue, you can have the best days of your life.
For those of you who are thinking of taking up the challenge of fishing, SMITH offers polarized sunglasses.
There are many sunglasses out there that claim to be for fishing, but they range from the best to the worst. Some have flimsy lenses that are almost unusable, some have a dark field of vision and can only be used in the summer when the sun is shining brightly, and some have a poor fit and slide down the nose. Some fit poorly and slip down from the nose. The ones that make your temples ache after prolonged use...
We have created polarized sunglasses that solve all of these problems, are reasonably priced, allow you to see fish well, and have a great fit.

※The color of the lens in the photo differs from the product sold.

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